January 2014 · BRANDbrilliance

Photographers Pierre Javell and Akiko Ida Transform Food into Fantasy in MINIMIAM MINIMIAM

Derived from a combination of the words for “miniature” and “yummy” in French, MINIMIAM invites the viewer into a fantastical world where eggs are mountains and doughnuts are a terrain in which to golf on. Read More

Photographer Zack Seckler Snaps Rare and Beautiful Aerial Photographs of Botswana Wildlife

Brooklyn-based photographer Zack Seckler captured the raw beauty of Botswana’s landscapes from an ultralight aircraft that soared from the lush Okavango Delta to the shimmering white Magadigadi Salt Pans.Read More

Lettering & Design by Future Marquetry

Future Marquetry is a design brand based in Paris. They explore lettering & design, combining the best of past, present and future.Read More

ArchiWorkshop Unveils Gorgeous ‘Glamping’ Tents Shaped Like Doughnuts

Some people like to rough it in the great outdoors, but for those looking for a more glamorous approach to camping there’s always the option of “glamping.”Read More