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Illustrator: How to automatically re-arrange artboards

So, you’ve created some artboards in your Illustrator, but they are all over the place? Here is a quick tip on how to automatically re-arrange artboards. Get to your computer now and I’ll show you how to do it.

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Mockup Collection 1

We’ve picked an amazing set of mockups to use for various styles of branding, apple device, festive, cosmetic, wine, fashion, hotel and restaurant scenes.

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Great Tips for Writing Website Content

Website content works different from print media. The fact is, most people find the overload of information on the internet overwhelming. As soon as you pop open your browser, your reading behaviour changes almost immediately.

Let’s dive into the tips for writing great website content.

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Simple Vector Landscapes in Illustrator

I created a few simple vector landscapes in Illustrator, reminiscent of layered paper cut-outs.

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WordPress Quick Start Guide

This is the Wordpress Quick Start Guide for our clients to go through once we’ve completed their website. It serves as an introduction to WordPress and its basic elements like the Media Library, covering uploading images and documents and moving onto Editing Pages/Posts … Read More

December Poster Graphics Design Month

For the month of December, we created a collection of 31 unique poster graphics designs with minimalism in mind.

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E-Vite Sending Guide using Outlook and Mail Applications

After many customer requests, we provide an E-vite Sending Guide for mail clients like Outlook and Mac Mail.

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50 Colorful Websites for Inspiration

A vibrant collection of 50 colorful websites to stimulate your sense of simplicity and inspire your design creativity.

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WordPress Plugin: Post State Tags

When your Wordpress users can’t easily distinguish between draft, pending, password protected, private and scheduled posts? Get this Wordpress Plugin!Read More

Digitally Rendered 3D Abstract Paintings Look Like Miniature Worlds

Libya-based creative Mahmoud Jouini uses digital software to render colorful, 3D abstract paintings that look like miniature worlds.Read More