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Featured Stock Website: DollarPhotoClub

Fotolia launched DollarPhotoClub, with a very unique proposition to graphic and layout designers who are heavy stock photo users.Read More

South African Comic Illustrator Chris Beukes aka Razor Rabbits

Chris Beukes is an amazing comic illustrator who is an Art Director, but freelances with character designs, graphic design and corporate comic artworks. Read More

Living Garden around a Greenwich Art Barn!

The three-story home/gallery is a concrete-block structure with metal mesh screen installed to allow white wisteria vines to overgrow the exterior. Read More

Underwater Photography by Elena Kalis

Russian-born Elena Kalis is an artist living in the Bahamas specialising in underwater photography for stunning, captivating and awe-inspiring moments.Read More

Freebie Sun Illustration

We have created a nice freebie for you. We have used a similar sun design in various projects and thought that it’s time to release it for you to have for free. Read More

Graphic Design Resources in the Public Domain from DesignerCandies

DesignerCandies is a project created by designers, for designers. They produce high quality graphic design resources for you to use in your design projects.Read More

Poster Designs from Graphic Designer Felix Pfaeffli

We found these great posters from Felix Pfaeffli who hails from Luzern and he’s producing very polished and mature work for his age.Read More

The Pattern Library: Free Seamless Patterns for Your Designs

Stitching together a texture is sometimes quite a chore for designers. Having access to a seamless library of patterns is more of a necessity than a nice to have. Read More

Photographers Pierre Javell and Akiko Ida Transform Food into Fantasy in MINIMIAM MINIMIAM

Derived from a combination of the words for “miniature” and “yummy” in French, MINIMIAM invites the viewer into a fantastical world where eggs are mountains and doughnuts are a terrain in which to golf on. Read More

Photographer Zack Seckler Snaps Rare and Beautiful Aerial Photographs of Botswana Wildlife

Brooklyn-based photographer Zack Seckler captured the raw beauty of Botswana’s landscapes from an ultralight aircraft that soared from the lush Okavango Delta to the shimmering white Magadigadi Salt Pans.Read More