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Website Design Brief

Wordpress LogoTo streamline the website design process for clients, we specialise in using the well-known WordPress platform. We review the client’s needs and present them with a small selection of premium high-quality, visually stunning, responsive WordPress themes. This allows clients to preview the theme look and feel before going ahead with the final purchase.

Upon theme selection, we install WordPress, the purchased theme, as well as various plugins. After installation, we start creating each content page layout using the styling elements available in that theme. Hand-crafting the page layouts is where the work is concentrated and the process is quite similar to designing a brochure, but instead in an online format.

Once the static pages are complete, we move to configuring the add-on systems and the starter blog stories, portfolio items and e-commerce products.

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Your Business
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Website Information
Written content for all the pages of your website like Home, Services, About, Terms, etc.
Convert written content to unique visual page layouts. Charged per page.
A date-based write-up of informative blog/news stories you write regularly.
A date-based write-up of work done for your clients, written after completion.
A e-commerce store of products, variants, orders and payments you manage regularly.
We currently don't offer content writers / PR services, although we can provide some referrals in this regard to rewrite content for pages, blog, portfolio or e-commerce product items.
Additional Services
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