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Featured Stock Website: DollarPhotoClub

Fotolia launched DollarPhotoClub, with a very unique proposition to graphic and layout designers who are heavy stock photo users.Read More

Underwater Photography by Elena Kalis

Russian-born Elena Kalis is an artist living in the Bahamas specialising in underwater photography for stunning, captivating and awe-inspiring moments.Read More

The Pattern Library: Free Seamless Patterns for Your Designs

Stitching together a texture is sometimes quite a chore for designers. Having access to a seamless library of patterns is more of a necessity than a nice to have. Read More

Photographers Pierre Javell and Akiko Ida Transform Food into Fantasy in MINIMIAM MINIMIAM

Derived from a combination of the words for “miniature” and “yummy” in French, MINIMIAM invites the viewer into a fantastical world where eggs are mountains and doughnuts are a terrain in which to golf on. Read More

Photographer Zack Seckler Snaps Rare and Beautiful Aerial Photographs of Botswana Wildlife

Brooklyn-based photographer Zack Seckler captured the raw beauty of Botswana’s landscapes from an ultralight aircraft that soared from the lush Okavango Delta to the shimmering white Magadigadi Salt Pans.Read More