28 Dec 2015

E-Vite Sending Guide using Outlook and Mail Applications

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After many customer requests, we provide an E-vite Sending Guide for mail clients like Outlook and Mac Mail.

The most common mistake users of Outlook make is to FORWARD an E-vite received from their designer. The moment you do this, Outlook intercepts all the HTML code, and adds its own styles and formatting into the e-mail, i.e. your designer and your clients will not be very happy with you.

Luckily there is an easy solution, albeit a bit tricky to manoeuvre as there are a few steps required:


Using the RESEND function of Outlook and many other programs, this problem can be resolved.

Solution Steps
  • Open the E-mail message in its own window (NOT the preview pane)
  • Select the E-mail message’s Menu item:  Actions => Resend Message…
    The system will now complain that you are not the original sender, don’t worry, we fix this in the next step
  • Click on the View => FROM: field to make the FROM: field visible. Delete the e-mail address written in the FROM: field and leave it blank
  • Change the SUBJECT, TO: and/or overtype any text in the BODY you need to change (use delete/backspace at your own risk, as overtype is the best option, to protect the original HTML formatting)
  • Press SEND

Here are some screenshots from various version of mail to help guide you through the solution steps.

OSX Mail
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