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Using all the available communication and e-marketing channels to get knowledge of your business out there, from Ads to Social interaction to tweets, posts and e-campaigns.

Keep customers engaged through e-marketing channels, so your continuous reminders create memorable experiences.

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Directed e-Marketing

Beautifully designed e-mail invitations to get your customers to participate in events, product launches, conferences, activations and special occasions.


Monthly e-mail newsletters or special campaigns keep your subscribers updated on products, services and seasonal specials. You get tracking reporting knowledge.

Banner Ads

Graphical adverts that display on partner and commercial websites or blogs, convey your creative message in a visual way to a wide audience based on interests.

Text Ads

Pay per click advertising provides a way to target your audience on search engines to display a variety of text adverts filtered by your chosen long-tail (3 or more) keywords.

Social Ads

The rise of Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and Pinterest provides your business with a real-time brand interaction with your customers based on their personal profile interests.

Video Ads

Many video streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo and even social sites like Facebook, Twitter give you a short window of highly interactive time with your custom audience.

Frequently Asked Questions?
Customers read e-mails?
Sending out e-newsletters on a regular basis had been proven to increase your connection with your client, even if you don’t receive any leads.
Sent, now what?
Knowing when to send an e-Campaign, tracking and reporting the progress of it are extremely important, and allow you to tweak the way you communicate and to experiment with new ideas.
Why pay for Ads?
If you are a small retail store you may not be able to get into search results, even with great SEO. Advertising helps you setup, track and keep tabs on what your customers are searching for.
Why spend time on SEO?
Optimising your website will greatly assist in customers finding your website and the relevant content quickly.
Do I need Social?
Building a brand is no longer possible without social interaction. Customers expect you to curate relevant content for them and feed it to them in their social apps. You are in direct communication with your clients, and mostly almost live.
Status updates, really?
Creating blog posts, social posts, tweets shows your customers that you understand your business, you understand them and what they need. That you are eager to respond, but also allows them to recommend, check-in and respond in other favourable ways.


Identity Pricing Table
Lite E-Vite
  • Premium E-Mail Template
  • 3 Content Rows
  • No Event iCal
  • 2 Colour Revision
Register E-Vite
  • Corporate Responsive Template
  • 5 Content Rows
  • 1 Design Revision
  • Landing Page & Form Register


Freebies & Extras
Included Freebies
  • Free 2-3 Stock Images
  • Free 2 Content Revisions
  • Free Event iCal (E-vites)
Optional Add-ons
  • Additional Rows/Sizes
  • Additional Stock Images
  • Design/Content Revisions

Note: Sending costs may apply to subscription mailing services. Pricing is just an indication, always obtain an official quotation.


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