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Your brand is so the much more than just the logo. It forms part of the larger brand identity which includes elements like the name, tagline, colors, typography, voice, photography.

Blow your customers away with stunning visual brand graphics that communicate exactly the way you want to.

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Your logo affirms your brand on your business cards, car decals, signage, invoices and other business collateral.


Illustrations bring life to the brand on your website, flyers, brochures, posters, adverts and banners.


Infographics simplifies the way you represent company data in your business documents, spreadsheets and presentations.


Icons can uniquely simplify complex messages or simply convey a business category or section on your website or brochure.


Photos are never perfect. There is always a need to remove background elements, change exposure, add vignettes, or a fun app light-leak effect.


We all know that a short funny motion video can be more popular and memorable than any kind of brochure or banner.

Frequently Asked Questions?
What is a Logo?
Logo is short for logotype – a graphic representation of a brand. Typically, a logo consists of a glyph/icon (not always) and a typographically styled name.
What is a Brand/Identity?
Brand or Identity is often (mistakenly) used interchangeably with logo, but a brand incorporates much more than just the logo, also the underlying typography, color, visual, voice and other types of messaging.
Why not just Business Cards?
Your brand communicates through many more channels than just a business card. Clients interact with your brand in various ways and various methods, each prefer their own method.
Why design new pieces?
Customers remember your graphic designs. You need to keep it fresh, relevant and focussed on the medium you’re using.
Aren't my pie charts ok?
Data is often confusing and pie charts just don’t cut it anymore. Infographics is a fresh take on conveying the difficult subject of large amounts of confusing data in an easy way.
Do I really need icons?
Icons are necessary in many cases where they break up and identify large blocks of text into easily recognisable areas, or simply to quickly identify a category or section.


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