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Transformation to the analog, tactile world requires expertise in how to combine typography, colour and illustration and photography, which is as much a skill as an art.

Reach your customers through a variety of printing materials, each one specific to your interaction with them.

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Creative Printing
Business Cards

Simple and effective, a business card introduces you to your customer and has always been the staple starting point for branding.


When you’re not there to explain things yourself, your brochure must be able to do this for you. It’s a way to communicate your services in a clear, easy to use, elegant form factor.


To promote your product special, event or service, flyers are an ideal form factor to distribute in large quantities as hand-outs or as an insert into a folder or pack.

Posters & Banners

At events, hallways, exhibitions, point-of-sale or entrances, a banner or poster is the ideal way to liven up an area with bright color, beautiful design and re-inforces the brand easily.


The magazine is a perfect way to unify diverse subject articles, reviews, top 10, portfolios and advertising into a easy digest format.


Retail or Corporate businesses need to have their brand clearly visible on the building outside, on the windows, doors, product areas or directional signage where navigation is needed inside a building.

Frequently Asked Questions?
Do I need Business Cards?
Even today in this digital world, people still care about something physical, a token, the representative emblem of your business.
Brochures or Flyers?
Brochures are more expensive and target your audience personally for business services. Flyers are less expensive but target your audience in mass quantity to promote an event, product or special.
When do I need a Banner?
If you are going to an exhibition or doing an audience presentation, or even at a small home event launch, you will need a banner to make that extra impact.


Print Layout Offers
Flyer Layout
  • Premium Flyer Template
  • A6 105 x 148 mm 1/S
  • Insert Logo, Details
  • 3 Color Revisions
Brochure Layout
  • Premium Brochure Template
  • DLL 99×210 mm 2/S
  • Insert Logo, Details
  • 3 Color Revisions


Print Layout Freebies & Extras
Included Freebies
  • Bleed/Cropped PDF, JPEG
  • Free 2 Stock Images
  • Free 2 Content Revisions
Optional Add-ons
  • Printing Costs Excluded
  • Additional Stock Images
  • Design/Content Revisions

Note: Pricing is just an indication, always obtain an official quotation.


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