21 Jan 2014

ArchiWorkshop Unveils Gorgeous ‘Glamping’ Tents Shaped Like Doughnuts

Some people like to rough it in the great outdoors, but for those looking for a more glamorous approach to camping there’s always the option of “glamping.” South Korean studio ArchiWorkshop recently jumped on this trend with the launch of two high-tech “Glamping for Glampers” tents. The low-impact designs offer eco-luxe accommodations for those who prefer to experience the outdoors in comfort and style.

Designed for a remote campsite in Yang-PyeongArchiWorkshop‘s “Glamping for Glampers” tents come in two distinctive shapes. One is a long, curving form that easily adapts to rough terrain. This tent’s folding furniture is custom-made, and its pristine white interiors contrast with colorful wall partitions painted by a local artist. The second design’s hollow, circular shape references the pebbles in the area, and it comes complete with a tiny outdoor area.

Both tents are shielded by two layers of an engineered fabric membrane that is waterproof, fire-resistant and UV-proof. ArchiWorkshop’s glamping tents let guests experience nature while enjoying unique lodgings with all the comforts of home.


via Inhabitat

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