21 Feb 2014

Graphic Design Resources in the Public Domain from DesignerCandies

Jumpstart your project with freebies!

DesignerCandies is a project created by designers, for designers. They produce high quality graphic design resources for you to use in your design projects. All the content they publish on DesignerCandies is exclusively made by their crack team of candy-lovin’ designers.

Everything you see on DCandies is original hand-made content created with love, passion and bucket loads of coffee.


Once they hit the publish button on “their” graphic design resources, it all becomes public domain assets, meaning any designer or anyone else can use them for whatever they want. They have the whole policy buttoned up on their Uncopyright page.

High Quality Resources

The high quality resources enable creativity, productivity and the rapid development of high quality design, making any designer’s work just a little bit easier, by piggy-backing off DesignerCandies graphic design resources. Your design projects become easier and get finished quicker on an everyday basis.

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  1. Thanks for featuring DesignerCandies!

  2. Thank you John for an amazing post! Absolutely appreciate your efforts!

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