14 Jan 2009

REAL D – A new era in 3D Movies

RealD Cinema is a digital 3D stereoscopic projection technology which does not require two projectors, unlike some older 3D stereoscopic projection technology. A high-resolution digital projector using Texas Instruments’ DLP Cinema technology is used. It can be projected with a single Christie, Barco or NEC DLP Cinema projector (other digital projection technologies would work as well if fitted with the proper equipment) at 144 frames per second, six times as fast as a normal movie.

On March 12, 2007, DreamWorks Animation announced that beginning with the spring 2009 release of Monsters vs. Aliens, all of their features will be released in theatres in 3D. On April 8, 2008, Disney Feature Animation followed suit, announcing that from the November 11, 2008 release of Bolt, all Disney/Pixar animation features will be released in 3D.

Other upcoming 3D releases in 2009 and beyond include Focus Features’ Coraline, from the book by Neil Gaiman and directed by Henry Selick of Nightmare Before Christmas; 3D conversions of all Pixar’s Toy Story films; Robert Zemeckis’s A Christmas Carol; and Tim Burton-helmed versions of Alice in Wonderland and his original short Frankenweenie.

One of the most eagerly awaited releases is James Cameron’s Avatar, currently scheduled for December 18, 2009. Horrorween 2009 will also be filmed in RealD 3D. 3D legend Chris Condon, and Director Ed Meyer are set to remake The Stewardesses, the most successful 3D film in history, in RealD in 2009. Also, Dante’s Inferno is expected to be released as an animation feature in 3D as well as a live action feature in 3D in 2009.

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