14 Oct 2012

Sketch: Vector & Web Graphics

Sketch is a professional vector graphics app with a beautiful interface and powerful tools.

If you’ve even done interface or icon design then you will use Sketch. This gorgeous app was designed from the ground up to with multiple pages, artboards and slices export, all on top of a powerful non-desctructive vector editing.

A perfect companion app to Pixelmator’s photo editing. Check out out blog post: Pixelmator: Photo Editing for the rest of us.

Main Features

  • Flexible Vectors
  • Sharp not pixelated
  • Colors, Gradients on-object
  • Styles Presets
  • Flexible Shapes with non-destructive boolean operations
  • Built-in 2x Retina export for slices
  • Artboards, Pages
  • Safari-identical Text rendering
  • Text Styles
  • Vector or Pixel Zoom
  • Perfect Anti-aliasing

Web UI

  • Copy CSS Styles to the Clipboard
  • Text Styles keep text in Sync
  • Slices: Export any part as an image
  • 960 Grid: But not limited to 960
  • Multiple Pages: Simplify your designs


  • Vector Tool: Easy to use and Powerful
  • Transform: Rotate, Perspective, Scissors
  • Stroke Width: Easy artistic effects
  • Fill, Stroke: Shadow, Glow, Gradients
  • Vectorize: Turn Text into Shapes

Icon Design

  • Templates: Create your own
  • Pixel Grid: See individual pixels
  • Multiple Fills: Up to four per Layer
  • Boolean Ops: Non-destructive and flexible
  • Pixel Effects: Motion and Zoom Blur
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