17 Sep 2010

Japanese HRP-4 Android

Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) follows up their previous androids with this impressive latest effort, the HRP-4 humanoid.

hrp-4-grab-squatCreated in partnership with Kawada Industries, this 151-centimeter (5-feet) tall, 39-kilo (86-pound) walking followup to the HRP-4C, HRP-3 and HRP-2 robots (pictured in the background) was developed to help take over manufacturing duties from a rapidly aging Japanese work force.

The highly mobile HRP-4 features 34-degrees of movement with AIST proprietary control software running on a Linux core.

The video on the link is quite slow in pace — typical Japan style — so just relax and watch this amazing android go through its paces, like walking up and facing centre, balancing and other moves, as well as head and ball tracking.

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